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Wedding Website / R.S.V.P.

We invited you to our wedding, because we want you to celebrate this happy occasion with us.

Unfortunately, many of the wedding preperations (such as the catering and sitting arrangements) require us to know, in advance, the final guest list.

Therefore, we would really appreciate it if you could tell us, as early as possible, whether you believe that you'll make it to the wedding, or not, and whether you'll be arriving alone or accompanied.

To tell us of your plans, please use the phone, email, or easiest of all, just fill the form on this page, below.

Our phone numbers are:

Nadav & Hadar
Zvi & Zahava
Harold & Esme

Our email is:


Or, just use this form (you can fill it in English or in Hebrew, as you wish):

R. S. V. P.
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Please, remember to contact us again if your plans change.

We hope to see you in our wedding!

Hadar and Nadav.